Ljeto Zima Proljeće Jesen

Zelena priča (the Green Story)...

Zelena Priča is the continuation of a story of creative development , self-expression and the acquired experience through various plants, materials and elements - it is living my life story with the trademark of the Green Man - the Spirit of the oak. I found the answer in the encounters with the customers, by carrying out our mutual wishes and interests, in the happy moments of completing a landscaping creation thus participating in the expansion of creativity.

In horticulture, landscaping is accomplished through shapes, colours, scents, touch and sounds - while the instruments are various kinds of plants, adapted according to the living conditions which are suitable for them. By selecting an appropriate plant for a particular space, the plant will soon respond accordingly - it will flourish considerably. If it is an annual - the flower will be lovelier, of a more intense colour and bigger; if it is a shrub or tree - it will be more luxuriant, with more leaves and grow more rapidly. This is the language of plants - it attracts people and animals with its beauty and energy, hence the magic of nature mentioned from time immemorial, which we relish as much as we live consciously. Let's landscape the garden - the area around the house where we live in, where our body feels safe, where we look for rest from the bustling everyday life and revitalize ourselves. Like a healthy Spirit that inhabits a healthy body, a well arranged yard enriches the beauty of the scenery around a house, of a street, a town,... the earth.

When planning the planting and the materials, it is important for me to feel the place that I am landscaping, the people who will be using it and to harmonize this space with the wider surroundings into which I want to plant the Green Story. We all have our own story; spring and autumn are the most convenient for a start - therefore, it is now.